So you want to join the Logo Week community... Welcome!

This is how everything works; every Sunday we announce a topic to work with through our Twitter Account which
is @LogoWeek; you will have until the next Friday to submit your logo via Twitter.

We collect and upload all logos published with the hashtag #LogoWeek corresponding to their respective topic in our gallery. Keep in mind you need to upload your logo with an image service such as TwitPic, yfrog or the default Twitter Image service.

When you are ready, tweet your logo with the image link and the #LogoWeek hashtag. The same hashtag works as a channel to share your progress, questions and communicate with other participants.

Twitter AlertIf you don't use Twitter, don't worry! You can send your logo design via our contact form.


You are free to design it the way you want, but please try to consider the following suggestions, this way we will have a unified gallery style with all logos.

  • Your image will be scaled down to 314 x 250 pixels; you can work your logo on this size or in a
    proportional size.
  • Give it space to breath, use some margins and remember to center the logo in their vertical and
    horizontal axis.
  • You can use a white background, but if you want to use a color or a gradient make sure the logo is
    legible enough.
  • The gallery will be curated by a group of professionals on branding and corporate identity all over the world, so keep your quality concept to the max.
  • All images will be credited and linked to the creator's Twitter account.

Our curators will help us to select the best proposals each week as candidates to be included in the first Logo Week book that will be released on 2013 (if we're still alive).

We encourage you to use this space to learn and practice. You will receive constructive feedback from the community, so don't get frustrated.


If you are new into this, don't worry! Take a look at some cool articles about logo design and galleries to help you in your everyday workflow:

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